Internal Partnerships & the Evolution of the Alumni Relationship

  • October 10, 19

How does enrollment affect fundraising? Can alumni engagement impact career outcomes? Can we carry on working independently or is there a need for a new approach to internal partnerships?

By re-evaluating the evolution of the alumni relationship, we can begin to break the silos between Admissions, Career Services, Alumni Relations & Development and identify new opportunities for collaboration and engagement.

Chris Marshall, President of Graduway, together with Kristin Dabney of Randolph College, Sarah Schutt of Wisconsin and Alumni Foundation and Cheryl Harrelson, Kris Hergert, and Durice White Galloway, of UC San Diego, discuss:

  • · The development of cross-departmental collaboration
  • · A new approach to alumni engagement
  • · Best practices from other schools who have implemented collaborative strategies





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