Manager of Alumni Services, Laureate International Universities

Anissa Flinn

Manager of Alumni Services, Laureate International Universities

Anissa Flinn

Originally from France, I have worked in numerous roles within the Startup, Education and Financial sectors in Australia, Ireland, and France. I have undertaken a wide range of academic studies in Science, Law, English, and Finance. I possess a wealth of experience, with strengths in strategic planning, problem-solving, project management, and process improvements. I have a passion for Startups, Education and empowering women to be the leaders they are meant to be.

I am a key implementer, who thrives when bringing a vision to life and my problem-solving skills are second to none.

Passionate about the power of education and the impact higher education institutions can have in the communities they serve, I am part of Laureate International Universities, the largest network of universities in the world. My role as Manager, Alumni Services is part of Laureate’s Here for Good commitment to creating lasting change. My responsibilities encompass Australia and New-Zealand and are focused on leading strategies to create lifelong value for our graduates, for our alumni.

I am also on the Board of Directors for the Gomo Foundation. As an award-winning organization, we work in remote areas of Zimbabwe to provide young women with education so they can become the leaders of their lives, of their communities and their country. Our primary focus is on transforming lives by getting young women into secondary schools and empowering them to complete their education all the way through university.

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